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Forex Trading Signals

On-time, accurate, and cumulative profit-oriented forex signals. We make sure that you consistently make a profit with our live signals and always come out with a positive balance.

Forex trading Signals

Looking for free Forex and Bitcoin signals you can trust? At we provide daily reliable signals for the major currency pairs, Gold, Crude oil, Bitcoin, and a select list of other trading instruments. Get Daily Free Forex to buy and sell signals now and make $100 to $500 per day guaranteed or get the full money back without any question.


What are Forex Trading Signals?

Forex trading signals help traders all over the world like a shortcut. Instead of going through what 95% of the traders go through, using trading signals traders get to mimic professional traders. Therefore, signals are one of the most important tools for Forex traders.

Type of Forex Signals

  • Copy-trading signals – where you don’t have to do anything, you will be the slave of the master account;
  • Pop-up signals – where you have to accept or decline;
  • Informative trading signals – where you are being explained why you are supposed to enter that trade;
  • Fake signals with get-rich-quick offers;
  • Many “smart” failed traders will often try to sell signals for a fee. There are also some signals appearing free of charge but, these people often will have hidden agendas. But, there are few real free Forex signals out there too. What you need is the signal showing clear entry point, stop loss, and take profit levels. If it has a further explanation, it is even better.

Forex signals

Bitcoin trading signals

Most of our Bitcoin Trading Signals will come in the form of pending stop orders. Let's say we have a BTC/USD trading signal at $8,000 with a Stop loss of $7,500 while the current price is $7,400. This means your Bitcoin order should only trigger once the price touches or breaks above the $8,000 level. With this strategy, we have a lower trigger rate, a higher success rate. This is because we aim to follow the trend.

Gold trading signals

Test signals on a Demo account first

No matter what the signal provider says, including us, you need to test your signals on a demo account first. Sometimes, a signal provider may show super successful results, but it does not mean that you will have the exact same results too! Thus, you need to test your signals first.

At, we provide daily Free Forex trading signals. These signals come every day during the Asian trading session and they almost always appear as pending signals for the European session.

You can get E-exch.Net Free Forex trading signals completely free of charge. Our Chief Currency Analyst will always publish these signals during the Asian session. Once the signal is live you will get a notification on our Telegram channel. Or Direct to WhatsApp 

You should also consider signing up for Forex Signals newsletters to make sure that you receive an email alert once the signal is published. You can always opt-out of email newsletters.

Although we are confident with our track-records, we highly encourage you to verify it yourself before putting in real money. You can always test trading signals on a demo account first. Once, you are used to the system then you should move to a real account and start making real profits and sometimes losses of course.

Please make sure to use the signal instructions carefully. If a signal comes as a Buy Limit order you need to use a limit order. Alternatively, signals can come as a Buy stop order or as an instant order. You need to get used to these terminologies and signal types.

So how do daily FX signals work?

Every Forex signals system is unique and relies on a different analysis of the market but overall there are two main methods that guide the market experts who produce the signals.

The first is a technical analysis of the market including all the past information about the price and trend that is available. The second is based on current events and the analysis of how they might affect the price action over short and long periods of time.

Some signal systems are based on automated analysis. So, what we have done is automating some of our trading strategies to minimize any possible human error. The main benefit of automated trading signals is minimal human psychology involvement thus the minimal human error. At the same time, you need that human judgment not to trade certain trading environments.

E-exch.Net daily trading signals come from Masroor's trading desk most of the time. Most of the free signals from Masroor are based on technical analysis. He is not just an analyst, he also trades these orders personally. 

Depending on the trading instrument and the signal he will use trend lines, Support and Resistance Levels, True Fibonacci Levels, Moving Averages, Breakouts, some other Oscillators, and Indicators.


Quick info

  • Founded: 2012
  • Regulator: ESA RUSSIA
  • Demo Account: $1 only
  • Profit: Up to $10000 Monthly
  • Average spread: 0 (Zero and Raw spread) 0.3 – Standard
  • Platforms: MT4, MT5, Web, Mobile  

Why trade forex with Masroor's Fx Signals

– Super tight spreads
– Instant automated delivery on your registered mobile number
– Multiple signals on Forex, Gold, Currency, and oil
– Negative balance protection
– Regulated broker
– Mpesa and Mobile money broker  
– Funding in local currency

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