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NBA 2K14


Experience the thrills of professional NBA basketball court action via realistic 3D environments and gameplay

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  • Program license: Paid
  • Program by: 2K SPORT
  • Version: 5.0
  • Also available for Android

NBA 2K14

Play as one of your favorite teams in the NBA.

This version of the game stars LeBron James. You don't have to play as his character, but if you do, then you'll have a better chance of getting your team to the championship. There is a mode that is devoted to James' career where you can play from the first game to the final games in the championship if you can manage to make it that far. You'll also see the arrival of Euro leagues, giving you more teams to choose from and better players at times.

James is prominent throughout the entire game whether it's on videos or in his running commentary of your team's plays. You can choose a team that you like, or you can design your own team using some of the players who are available to be drafted. James' earlier career isn't featured in the game.

The game has two features. In one, you can play as James when he is with the Miami Heat, as he takes the team to the highest point of his career. The other mode of playing is when he chooses another team. Each mode is fun to play as you control the people on the court. James has statistics that top about 99 percent whether he's with Miami or not. When you play as one of the leagues from Europe, you might discover that you like their characters and the ways that they play a bit better than the teams from the NBA and their styles of play. Some of the rules are a bit different with the Euroleague, so it takes some time to get adjusted. However, it does offer more of a challenge and thrill.


  • Numerous teams
  • Play as LeBron or another team
  • Stunning graphics


  • Can get confusing with the teams
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