I want to trade in forex pound which international demat account is to be opened

Trading in the forex market now dreams for almost every youth, it is the world's best market where every day 5 trillion transactions occurs.

There are seven major currency pairs where mostly trade in which pound is one of them, for trading in forex market you just need to choose the best forex broker where you want to open an international Demat account.

Finding the best forex broker is not an easy task, there are more than thousands of forex broker work but some of them are a scam is it is very necessary to find out which one is best for you,

I m Masroor Alam and When I started my trading career, like most beginners, I want to trade at the best forex broker. And I naively thought that I could find out who is the best just by reading the reviews on the Internet. 

— Actually, it isn’t easy to find out the best broker because every review leads me to different best forex brokers. Finally, I listed down some forex brokers that I thought were the best, because they appeared the most in those reviews. I created accounts on these brokers, deposited, and started my tests to find out the best forex brokers. For trading in the International market, I think exness is best of them,

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