Forex Investment plans in United state (U.S)

Online Forex Investment Plans is an investment system specially designed for those investors who want a risk-free high return in a Short period of time, We have specifically introduced risk-free forex investment for online investors in the U.S. To make it easier for you and to reduce administrative expenses, we use the so-called e-currencies (also referred to as digital currencies or electronic payment systems) in our operations. 

forex investment plans

Thus, you do not need to have a bank account, do not have to incur various hidden fees in order to benefit from investing your funds with us. Investing with us is absolutely hassle-free and requires no paperwork. An investment at Forex Investment Plans allows you to gain a net profit of up to 900% in just 100 days.

Forex Investment Plans is offered by Social traders Japan, an offshore investment company with a widely diversified portfolio. We trade stocks of companies on the internet, FOREX. 

And we traditionally place gold trading at the very top of our investment activities. We seek long-term appreciation of our assets through investing in not only financial instruments but also in real offline projects. Apart from that, we invest lavishly in real estate and oil business as we have an office at U.A.E. In terms of inner structure, we are a typical offshore investment company with traders and market researchers working all over the globe.

Forex Investment plan the U.S

We have only three managed plan that assured fixed return over the time, At E-exch.Net, we are committed to ensuring our clients are kept up-to-date on every hr. earning, We ensure your money is in Safe hand, Choose any of your desire plans and contact us to manage your account.

Plan -01 Basic Social Trade in forex Gold

# 2% daily payouts into your e-currency account for 100 days. Min. $10

Plan -02 Advance Social Trade in forex Gold

# 6% payouts into your e-currency account for 100 days. Min. $50

Plan -03 VIP Social Trade in forex Gold

#9% payouts into your e-currency account for 100 days. Min. $100


 Up to 9% daily

 State-of-the-art Security

 Excellent Customer Service

 Start earning profit in less than 24h

How to Invest in Your Social Trading Plan 

We accept deposit and withdrawal only through digital and cryptocurrency that is bitcoin, perfect money
Contact us through email at

Terms of Service

Deposits are accepted via Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin.
1.The minimum deposit is $1.
2.The maximum deposit is $10,000.
3.Interest on all deposited funds is paid every day at 00:00 G.M.T.
4.You can make additional deposits at any time.
5.We offer a varying daily interest rate ranging from 7% to 9%.
6.Profit payments will be made via Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin.

User Agreement

Forex Investment Plans will deliver its services only to those customers who are of legal age in particular jurisdictions they are citizens of or reside in. Legal age may vary between 18 and 21. By signing up with us you state under the penalty of perjury that you are at least 18 or older depending on the legal age in your jurisdiction.

You state that you are not a member, agent, informant, or employee of or in any other way related to any investigative, law enforcement, media, news or governmental agencies of any country.

You understand that under no circumstances should anything found on this site be considered or construed as an offer to sell securities or a solicitation to invest in any investment opportunity.

You understand and accept the fact that Forex Investment Plans disclaims any liability for the performance of any investment which comes to your attention here on this web site. You bear total responsibility for all decisions made. You also agree to invest money that you can afford to lose.

You understand and accept the fact that all the information you receive or find on Forex Investment Plans website is of private nature and not available to the general public and is, therefore, exempt from the US Securities Act of 1933 and all amendments or any equivalent laws of any jurisdictions.

You understand and agree that all information you receive from Forex Investment Plans is unsolicited, private communication of privileged, proprietary, and confidential information intended for You only.
You agree to keep it private and not to disclose it to any third party unless this information is obviously of a public nature.

You understand and agree that spamming is not tolerated at Forex Investment Plans. Any member of Forex Investment Plans caught spamming will have his membership canceled and banned from our web site.
You agree not to post any part of this website on a public forum or to forward it via e-mail.

Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances will Forex Investment Plans sell, lease or in any other form disclose information about its Users to any third parties.
You agree not to hold Forex Investment Plans accountable for any privacy policy or lack thereof, from any of the links found on our website.
You agree to practice your own due diligence.

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