Buy Perfect Money Verified Account

Perfect money is electronic payment system mostly used for forex trading, online gambling, HYIP investment, Perfect money allow 2 types of account Verified and Non Verified account, 

Why You need to Buy Perfect money Verified account?

– Perfect Money's internal transfer fee is 1.99% for all non-verified Perfect Money account holders. Verified accounts have 0.5% fee and it quickly pays for itself.
– If you plan to open a public investment program (for ex. HYIP) you need to win the trust of investors. Most investors will ignore the project with anonymous creator. Next important reason for investors is project costs – if creator had chosen low-cost services (cheap hosting and design, free script, free anonymous Perfect Money account) he can take contributions and close program on the next day.
– Verified account provides an opportunity to participate in Perfect Money Credit Exchange (you have no chances to take the loan without verification).

Buy perfect money verified account

Feature of Perfect Money Verified account 

– Verified Perfect Money Accounts
– Fully Verified (Including telephone)
– Have 0 Trust Score point(s)
– Not Stolen, Have no Complaints
– Ready to Use

Terms of Sale:

1. Account comes with member ID, password, and E-mail
2. Documents for verification are not included (we can discuss the additional price for documents)
3. If you intend to purchase a large amount we’re ready to offer good discounts.

How to Buy Perfect money Verified account with us?

Whenever you are ready to buy perfect money verified account with us, then keep in your mind you are totally on a secure platform here we never ask your any details, Just send your requirement in our email, we reply within 24hr. Pay the cost and take instant verified perfect money account details like member id password, mail id, and password, once you get you can change the password as per your desire, We take payment with perfect money and Bitcoin.

Mail us your requirement now - Or, 

Cost - 
Perfect money verified account with zero trust score = $200
Perfect money verified account with 5000 trust score = $500
Perfect money verified account with zero trust and all documents = $690
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