Indian stock market - Learn how to trade in Indian stock market from bettiah bihar

Stock Market :-
When ever we hear Share Market the first thing come in mind is What is Share Market ?

Dear friends Who does not want to earn money in this world. Money is very important to meet the needs of every human being in thier life.
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Stock market
If we have money  then we can fulfill our dream and without money our dream will remain as dream. That is why all the people in the world give more importance to money,because money is the only thing that give you respect, wealth, home, relatives, friends.

There is a lots of money to be made in the world, some people earn money by doing jobs, some people earn money by doing business and some people also earn a lot of money by putting their money on the bid.
But the question is here, which place does these people put their money on the bid, what is the place where people get profit even after putting their money on the bid? That place is share market.

Everyone must have heard about Share Bazar in Hindi, but not everyone knows what happens there. So today I am going to tell you about what is a share market and basic knowledge of share market so sit tit and be relax.

Stock Market is a such type of market where shares of many companies are bought and sold. This is a place where some people either earn a lot of money or they lose all their money. To buy a share of a company means to become a partner in that company.

According to the amount of your money you will invest, you become the owner of some percentage of that company. Which means that if that company will make a profit in the future, then you will get profit as a bonus the money you have invested and if there is a loss then you will not get a single bonus money and also your stock price become down, that is, you will be partially lost in some cases your entire money will be loss.

Just Remember As it is easy to make money in the share market  in the same way it is equally easy to lose money here because there are fluctuations in the stock market.

When to buy shares in stock market?

I think You must have got a little idea about what the share market? Let's know how to invest in share market? Before buying share in the stock market, you must first gain experience in this line, how and when to invest here. And in which company will you invest your money then you will get profit.

Find out all these things like companies profit loss ,net income,debet,loan,and lots more before buying any particular company stock and share your knowledge with any expert person or your finincial advisour only then go and invest in the share market. To find out which company has increased or fallen in the share market, you can read newspapers like Economic Times or you can also watch NDTV Business News ,Zee Business,CNBC Channel from where you will get complete information about What is Going to happen in company and lots of more information.

Hey guys keep your mind plz ,This place is very risky, so you should invest here only when your financial condition is right so that when you have a loss, then you do not make much difference from that deficit. Or you can also do research in the beginning that you invest in Share Market  with a little money so that you do not get too much shock in the future. As your knowledge and experience in this field will increase, in the same way you can gradually increase your investment.

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Before investing in the share market, you must get more information about this market or else there are many cheats in this market. Many times it happens that some company is fraud and if you invest your money by buying shares of that company, then such company runs away by taking money from everyone And then all your money is drowned. Therefore, before purchasing shares of any company, check the background details of it thoroughly.

How to invest in share market?

To buy share in the share market, you have to create a Demat account. There are also two ways for this, first you can open a Demat account by going to a broker i.e. like icici direct,angel broking,hdfcsec. Our share money is kept in a demat account, just like we keep our money in a bank account in the same way. If you are investing in share market then it is very important to have your demat account.
Because the profits you get after sell of stock,will go to your demat account and not to your bank account, and the demat account stays linked with your savings account, if you want then from that demat account to your bank account Later you can transfer funds.

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To Open a demat account, it is very important to have a savings account in any bank and for proofing, copy and address proof of pan card is required.

The second way is that you can open your demat account in any bank.
But if you open your account from a broker, then you will benefit more than that. Because one, you will get good support and secondly according to your investment, they suggest you a good company where you can invest your money. They also take money to do this.

There are two main stock exchanges in India, Bombay stock exchange (BSE) and National stock exchange (NSE), here share is bought and sold. These brokers are the members of the stock exchange, we can trade in the stock exchange only through them. We cannot buy or sell any share by going directly to the stock market.


Everyone Want to become rich quickly. Hence, they are probably looking for such quick and easy methods that will make them rich in a short time and bring lots of happiness in their life together.
In such a situation, everyone seems to share such a technique from where they can earn crores of rupees in a short time. That is why they are often looking for such Share Market Tips that can be used quickly and become rich. So let's know about some such share market tips which all beginning investors should definitely know.

1.First learn only then move on

Before trying your hand at anything, you have to know it correctly first. For this, you have to study.
In such a situation, you have to learn the share market first, only then you invest your money in it. You should not proceed without gaining knowledge of Share Market.

2.Reseach yourself
Many people away from hearing the name of Research. But in the context of the share market, it should not be done at all. Because it is research that can make you successful in the share market.

At the same time, you will find many market experts in many TV channels, who are giving you the knowledge of the shares. By the way, some of his things may also be correct, but if he could have predicted the prices of shares so easily, he would have been earning money sitting at his home.
You understand what I am pointing towards. That's why my advice is that you should do your research by yourself.

3.Set Long-Term Goals
Understand this very well that no matter what the investment is, all the investments provide good results in long terms only. In such a situation, if you want to invest in the share market, then consider it as a long term only then you can be profitable in it.

4.Understand Your Risk Tolerance
Here, to say Risk Tolerance means that everyone has a limit to take a risk. As far as they do not matter whether they are loss or profit.
In such a situation, since the share market is a little risky, invest as much as you can in the risk. Because if you invest more then if you are loss then no one can stop you from being a pauper. According to its risk tolerance, prepare your portfolio.

5. Control Your Emotions
It happens so often in the Share Market that you lose your emotion, due to which you can also get a lot of damage.
To stay away from all these things, you have to learn to control your emotion and then you can become a good investor. This can give you one of both profits or losses.

6. Diversify your Investments
Like other successful investors, you also need to diversify your investments.
They say that you should not put all your eggs in a vessel because if something happens in an accident then you may have to wash all your eggs.

This rule applies even in equal investments. You should not invest all your money in one share. Rather, you should keep shares of different categories in your portfolio, thereby diversifying the risk of your investment.


Holidays for the calendar year 2020 : Equities
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302-Apr-2020ThursdayRam Navami
406-Apr-2020MondayMahavir Jayanti
510-Apr-2020FridayGood Friday
614-Apr-2020TuesdayDr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti
701-May-2020FridayMaharashtra Day
825-May-2020MondayId-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan ID)
902-Oct-2020FridayMahatma Gandhi Jayanti
1130-Nov-2020MondayGurunanak Jayanti
*Muhurat Trading will be conducted. Timings of Muhurat Trading shall be notified subsequently.
The holidays falling on Saturday / Sunday are as follows:

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126-Jan-2020SundayRepublic Day
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315-Aug-2020SaturdayIndependence Day
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714-Nov-2020SaturdayDiwali-Laxmi Pujan*
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 in advance). The market timings of the equities segment are:
A) Pre-open session
Order entry & modification Open : 09:00 hrs
Order entry & modification Close : 09:08 hrs*
*with random closure in last one minute. Pre-open order matching starts 
immediately after close of pre-open order entry.

B) Regular trading session

Normal / Limited Physical Market Open : 09:15 hrs

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Block Deal Session Timings:
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