Forex robot- Hand Your Trading Over to a Forex Robot to Get Fixed Profit

Robot Trading Forex- 

Now its a time to Hand over your Forex trading to a Forex robot to get fixed income everyday

What is forex robot?
forex robot
Fully automated forex trading robot
Forex robot is forex trading software that automates trading decisions. The most popular robots for retail traders are built around the MetaTrader platform. These robots run on MetaTrader as "expert advisers" and they can do just about anything, from giving you a signal to place a trade, to placing and managing the trade for you automatically.

A forex trading robot is a computer program based on a set of forex trading signals that helps determine whether to buy or sell a currency pair at a given point in time. Forex​ robots are designed to remove the psychological element of trading, which can be detrimental.

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Forex Robot (EA)
Profit Range 
Licence Period 
$400 to $600 Per Trade
Life time
$900 to $1600 Per Trade
Life time
Wall Street357
$1900 to $4600 Per Trade
Life time
$5000 Guaranteed in 24 Hr,
Life time
$40K In 24 Hr 
Life Time 

-ExMeta5486 | $400 to $600 Per Trade
-BotMet56 | $900 to $1600 Per Trade
-Wall Street357 | $1900 to $4600 Per Trade
-OkTrade548 | $5000 Guaranteed in 24 Hr,
-Meta5Expo | $40K In 24 Hr

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Forex trading robot

forex robot


If you have a forex strategy that's strictly mechanical and that doesn't require a human in the decision-making process, you can program your forex robot to trade for you 24 hours a day.Computer programme based robot are really make 2 to 25% perday profit on your given trade.

Many companies are create and sell forex robots, but be careful who you deal with if you're in the market to buy one. It's not uncommon for a company to spring up overnight and start selling an "instant riches" forex robot, including a money back guarantee, only to disappear in about 45 days or so.

So i suggest to you before buying any forex trading robot you must ask their profitibility and prorgamming.
The majority of made-for-purchase forex robots are not profitable, so please do your research first if you're planning on purchasing one. It's best to be wary because there's a great deal of curve-fitting or data-mining bias in the made-for-purchase offerings. 

Data-Mining Bias

Data-mining bias is the unspoken enemy of many traders who purchase forex robots. It refers to the process of "cherry picking" the best backtest out of hundreds or more and presenting that backtest as the likely outcome for the purchaser of the forex robot.

David Aronson is one of the leaders of the fight to make investors aware of data-mining bias. Aronson has written an excellent and detailed book titled Evidence-Based Technical Analysis. Among many other good arguments, he asserts that the systems or indicators that are said to be the best performers or most accurate predictors of future performance are likely false conclusions. The finding of the outlier is often proved by looking at one data set and not testing that indicator over multiple cycles or the environment.

Successful Robots
There are some successful robots out there, but be aware of the data-mining bias that is front and center of most made-for-purchase systems. Typically, these systems maintain an edge and manage risk successfully. They're less about high win rates and more about position sizing and cutting losses quickly.  

If there was ever a good example of the meaning of "buyer beware," this is it. The phrase is extremely applicable to forex robots. When you're thinking about buying a system, ask yourself, "If it works so well, why is it being sold at such a discount?" Altruism is typically not the intention. Sub-par systems are often sold as soon as a data-mined outcome can be put together so an uneducated buyer can purchase the code.
That is the reason for written this blog for you , I am computer programmer and on the analysis of 20 yeras data , i have developed few robot that are able to generate profit for you,Our robot are fully based on technicals indication and use only technical indication for trade. 


Fully automated MT4 trader, limited to 9     currency pairs,Work on all trading platforms and all brokers, Guaranteed profit upto 25% on first trade

Fully automated MT4 trader, Work on all    currency pairs,Gold ,silver, and lots more Work on all trading platforms and all brokers, Guaranteed profit upto 125% on first trade.

Is Forex robot really Work ?

Forex trading is versatile due to the different trading styles, Forex strategies, and Forex systems that can be used. In the Forex market, there are traders of all levels of proficiency, and each type of trader will have different ways of working. One of the features of Forex is the split between the traders who want to manually trade, and those who want to utilise automated trading. This article will focus on automated trading.

How Does a FX Robot Operate?
FX traders want to use robots because they hope to make easy money from the Forex market, without having to devote a lot of personal time to it, or do anything manually. Those who use robots have to find a good currency pair and the perfect time-frame to trade in it to maximise their profits.

Some Forex robots are capable of scanning numerous charts in a way that humans physically can't. In addition, robots are developed with particular parameters needed in making trade decisions. With implanted trading signals, they determine when it is appropriate to trade, or conversely not to trade.

The best Forex robots suggest solutions to find profitable trades even in unstable markets, when the actual trending direction is unclear. Robots will follow the best trend to enlarge profits, and perhaps eliminate the chances of potential losses. Trading against the trend will eventually lead to loss after loss, whilst trading with it increases profit, no matter what method or robot is used to trade.

However, what must be remembered is that the majority of robots trade within a certain range. They make a particular amount of pips inside the tight range, during the slowest time on the Forex market, and they regularly set a few pip targets, and may not even use a stop-loss. They can be classed as successful, as they do tend to make profits in each trade, even if it is only a few.

When an unanticipated and strong range breakout occurs, it wipes out the small profits that they have made. Some robots which are promoted as the best Forex trading robots, can gain a profit in a positive trend, although they may lose money in a choppy FX market, so the discovery of a great trend to follow is an essential task.


We have described the aspects of applying robots in Forex trading from a rational point of view. What we hope can be concluded from this article is that instead of spending your time and capital on things like automated FX trading software robots, it would perhaps be better to devote time to learning a good trading system.

Eventually you may become a professional trader who relies on experience and knowledge, rather than using computer algorithms and codes by someone who is not a Forex trader at all. It is completely up to you whether Forex robots are worth your attention - and only you can answer the question of: Do Forex robots really work?
Yes the forex robot work but not all , As per our reserch following robot are work 

World most trusted and large no. of used forex trading robots are here.
1.Forex Diamond 2.Forex delta 3. fxbot 4.exch24meta
1.Forex Diamond  Its worlds most trusted trading robots used by big companies and big brokers, its decoded programing is mainly based on Technical analysis and data mining. the accuracy of this robot is 110% , its work on almost every platforms and able to book profit up to 30% everyday . 
Feature :- 
 1.Work on Meta4 and Meta5
 2.Technical & Data mining basis programming 
 3.Profitability upto 23 to 35 % per day 
 4.Used by almost every forex brokers 
a.For 1 year Licence = $450
b.For lifetime = $1260

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