What is Google Pay (Tez) and how does it work?

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What is Google Pay (Tez) and how does it work?

Do you know that Google has launched its Digital Payment App a few days ago. The name, which is very much discussed, is G-Pay. You will not know what Google Pay will talk about this and how through this app you can earn a lot of money by 2018-2020. How to earn money from Google Pay Today in this article, we will tell that even  small Amount, you can earn up to Rs.9000 and can get 1 Lakh reward every week. This is nothing, you can also get Rs.1000 through Scratch Card.

You must know about Google, it is expected that its name is enough to tell about it. You will find many apps of Google in the Play Store, in which Google Inc. Remains written Because all those apps are developed by Google. But till now he has paid more attention to the other app.

Google Pay

Now the time was in order to make the Indian Digital Payment system stronger, so it has also included its own made app, GPay in the Play store. Which is an app like Bhim, Phonepe which is UPI based app. Ever since demonetization has taken place, Digital Payment has received a big boost in India and it can be improved a lot in the economic situation and corruption of the country. So let's know in detail about what this Google Pay is?

What is Google Pay (Tez) and how to earn money From this App ?

Google Pay is a UPI based Digital Payment app. Which was inaugurated by Bharata Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on 19 September 2017. During the launch of this app, Vice President Caesar Sengupta of Next Billion Users was also present. This is similar to other apps like Bhim and Phonepe. In this too, you need to link your Bank Account with Pay and you can make payment anywhere, you can do as much as you want.

You cannot compare this app with Paytm and Mobiwiki as both of them are Wallet Based App. But it is UPI Based App. You will find this app in both Android and Iphone app stores.

Google Pay has been created in India and has been made for India only. For the recent past this app supports the '7' languages. After updating it, other languages ​​will also be included. Along with this, in the coming days this app will already be Pay Install in some of these mobile companies like Nokia, Micromax, Lava, Panasonic and Xolo.

What is special about Google Pay?

Features in this app are similar to Bhim and Phone Pay. But an Extra Feature has been added to this app. Whose name is "Tap For Cash Mode", through which you can send and receive money to anyone without revealing your identity. tap mode you will get to see on Home Screen. When you click on it, then Pay and Receive two options will appear. If you want to send money to someone, then click on Pay and the person who wants to receive will have to click on Receive.

It identifies other mobiles through High Frequency Sound. The special thing is that you can send money within a few seconds. In anyone's bank account. Let's go to the remaining features now.

Account- In this, you do not need any Aadhar card to signup or some ID proof. You have to enter your mobile number and verify it through OTP. After this, which is the link in Mobile Number Bank. You can link to the bank by entering that number. You must remember one thing, you have to be registered in the Mobile Number Bank to link the bank.

Security- There is no Wallet Concept in this app. This means that your money is safe in the Bank Account. To whom you send money, Direct gets deposited in his bank account. In this, Google has given 24/7 Multi Layer Security.

Payment- In this app you will get a lot of payment options like you can pay anyone through just the Account Number and IFSC. With this, you can also make payment by entering UPI ID, QR and Phone Number.
Tap Mode - In which Audio QR (Ultrasonic) Mode Technology has been used. In which you do not need to know the identity of Receiver. You can easily send money to any shop owner, vegetable seller and tea seller.

Transaction Chat- In this you can see Transaction History and you can find out how much money is sent to whom and when you send it, it will look like Whats app chat.

According to Transaction Charges Free- Google, in this app you do not find any Transaction Charges up to 50000.

UPI Based- This APP works on the UPI platform, which is why you can transfer direct money to any other bank account.

With Bank-Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India (SBI), it supports 55 banks.

Local Language Support- In this app, you have support of about 7 languages. Which will be easy for common people to use.

Money Earning Scheme- You have a lot of Referral, Lucky Winner and Scratch Option in this app, you can earn a good income by living, which will be talked about today.

Google Pay Download How to make and earn money?

If you want to tell one thing in advance, if you download the app from the link given below, you will get 51 Rs cash. Whenever you do the first transaction, you will get cash of 51 RS deposited in your bank account. If you download from Play Store then you cannot earn some money.

  • Click on this link to download Pay. Pay Download Link
  • This link will be taken to the Play Store and from there you install this app.
  • After opening, first you have to Verify your Mobile Number and after some time OTP will come on your Mobile Number and through which Verify will happen.
  • Now you have to set Google Pin or Pattern Lock in this app.
  • After this, you link this app with Bank Account. In which you get registered mobile in the bank
  • Use the number. This process takes some time to complete.
  • After this, you have to put UPI ID. Now you are ready to use your Pay.

How to make money with Google Pay?

Now know how to earn money through this app, you can earn money in three ways, which will be talked about one by one.

# 1. Via Invite.
When you activate Pay, then you will get your referral link in it. Those who just need to share it with their friends, you can share it in social sites like Facebook, Whats app, Google+, Instagram, if someone uses this link to download the app and does some transaction then you get 51 / - Cash will be deposited in your account.

It may take some time to deposit in your bank. You can earn up to 9000 from this process. This offer is till March 31. If no one is found to do the transaction, you can send it to my UPI [email protected]. You can also transact 1 RS in it.

#2. Sunday Lucky Winner.
This is the Lucky Withdraw Offer. In which you have to do 50 or more transactions once every week. Which you can become a Lucky Winner every Sunday and can win a reward of 1 lakh. Remember, Transaction of 50 or more than 50 is necessary. May your luck shine,

# 3. Scratch 1000.
You must have done Scratch many times in childhood. In which you will have got some money or reward. In the same way, you will get a Scratch Card in Google Pay and it will be available only if you do 50 or more transactions. This is the time to eat well with Google Pay. To earn that income, and I would say that friends do not get the opportunity again and again.

My final opinion on this article.
Friends, I hope you will find this information about what is my Google Pay and how to earn money. The Digital Payment System in India is also growing very fast. In the last month of Aug 2107, 4500 Transaction is done with UPI. And there is a lot of error in this app. Sometimes there is a problem in bank account linking too, it will also be all right after the update of Pay.


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