What is Full Form Of Computer?


What is the full form of a computer? What is the Hindi name of computer? What is the full name of computer? What does a computer mean and what is the definition of a computer? Many such questions will come to your mind often, in this post, we are going to know the answers to all these questions, so let's know what is the full form of computer - What is Full Form of Computer,

Computer का Full Form होता है “Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used in Technical and Educational Research”.

Computer - By the way, a computer is just a machine, and it is able to compute as well as do other tasks.

There are many full forms, but not a single is officially standardized.

C = Commonly
O = Operated

M = Machine
P = Particularly
U = Used for
T = Teaching
E = Education और
R = Reasearch
A computer is an electronic device that helps in making arithmetic and logical calculations.
The computer also has an arithmetic and logical unit which is called ALU. In addition, this electronic machine also has memory, which helps it to store the data. By which they can store data.
Who does not know about computers, we use it a lot in our daily life. Before the invention of computers, we humans had a lot of difficulty in calculating numbers. Along with this, there are many other things that you cannot do even if you want, but they can be done in a pinch using computers.

By the way, the word computer is derived from a Latin word "computare", which means "to calculate", "to count", "to sum up" or "to think together". Calculate in Hindi. Therefore, in easy language, computer can be considered as a device that performs computation.

Definition of Computer.

The definition of computer is very simple. It is a machine or device that performs processes, calculations and operations, is done on the basis of instructions by one software or hardware program.

It has been designed so that it executes applications and provides a variety of solutions, for this it works by combining integrated hardware and software components.
A computer is made up of multiple parts and components that facilitate user functionality.
A computer is mainly divided into two primary categories:
1. Hardware: Physical structure that gives space to the processor, memory, storage, communication ports and peripheral devices of the computer in itself.
2. Software: It includes operating system (OS) and software applications.

A computer works with software programs that are sent to their underlying hardware architecture so that they can read, interpret and execute.

Computers are categorized according to their computing power, capacity, size, mobility, and other factors, including personal computers (PCs), desktop computers, laptop computers, minicomputers, handheld computers and devices, mainframes or supercomputers.

full form of computer

Definition of computer in English.

A Computer is an electronic machine that can solve different problems, process data, store & retrieve data and perform calculations faster and efficiently than humans,

Definition of computer in easy language
Technically, a computer is a programmable machine. Which means that it executes a programmed list of instructions and together it responds to the new instructions that are given to it.

Whereas nowadays this term is used only to refer only to desktop or laptop computer.

When we refer to a desktop model, the term "computer" technically refers only to the computer - not the monitor, keyboard, or mouse. At the same time, this thing is absolutely acceptable when they are simultaneously computer referenced according to one unit.
If you consider fully technical, then the box that holds the computer is called "system unit".

Computer features.

What are the characteristics of a computer that make it different from others. Let us know about it more thoroughly.

1. Speed
As we know that computer works very fast. It only takes a few seconds to do any calculations, which can take us even more than that for many hours.

You will be surprised to know that the computer can process instructions of about 1 millions (1,000,000) in a second or even more.

Therefore, the speed of the computer is determined in microsecond (10 ^ 6 part of a second) or nanosecond (10 ^ 9 part of a second). From this you can think about how fast these computers are and how they work.

2. Accuracy.
The degree of accuracy of the computer is very high and each calculation is performed with the same accuracy. Accuracy level is determined based on the design of the computer.

At the same time, whatever errors are there in the computer are for humans or due to inaccurate data.

3. Diligence.
A computer is completely overcome by laziness, it does not have humanly emotions like tiredness, lack of concentration, fatigue. Because in the end it is a machine. It can work for hours without any error.

Even if calculations are performed in number of millions, even then a computer will perform all calculations with equal accuracy.

Due to its capability, it beats us humans in doing routine type work.

4. Versatility.
This means that it is capable of doing different types of work. Just like you are perpare payroll silps from your computer at one time, in the second time you are making an electric bill.
You can do any work in it, which makes it versatile.

5. Ability to remember.
The specialty in computers is that they can store any amount of information or data. Any information can be stored and recalled whenever you want. It can be stored safely for many years.

It depends on the user that how much data he wants to store and when he wants to retrieve it.

6. Lack of IQ
A computer is completely a dumb machine and it cannot do any work by itself, rather it has to be instructed to do every task.

And just by giving instructions, it performs its work with great speed and accuracy. It depends on you what you want your computer to do.

7. It does not have Feeling.
It has no feelings or emotion, taste, knowledge or experience of its own. You may be tired after working for some time, but the computer never tired.

8. Storage.
The computer has its own in-built memory where it can store a huge amount of data. With this, if you want, you can also store your data in other secondary storage devices. It is stored outside the computer and can be stored anywhere.

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