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Fraud reporting support |

Find out how to report your concerns to us, and industry bodies, so we can support and protect you.
I think I have been a victim of fraud. What should I do?

We are here to help you. If you think you have suffered fraud on your YB account or card please contact us immediately so we can assist and offer support to you. You should also contact Action Fraud.

How do I report phishing emails?

If you have received a fraudulent or suspicious email claiming to be from the Bank please do not respond to it and forward the email to us at for internet banking customers and for BusinessOnline customers (please note no acknowledgement will be sent). All emails received will be shared with a third party who deliver a Phishing Detection and Takedown Service and ensure you are provided with the best service. As such, we kindly request that you do not include any personal information when forwarding any emails.
Remember – never click on attachments or follow any links contained in suspicious emails.

How do I report identity fraud?

If you suspect you have fallen victim to identity fraud or identity theft, please contact us immediately on 0800 678 3380 and refer to the identity fraud victim guidance provided by the UK fraud prevention service CIFAS(opens in a new window).

How do I report suspected scams and investment fraud?

If you think you have been a victim of a scam or investment fraud, please report it immediately to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or Action Fraudonline(opens in a new window) and obtain a police crime reference number.
If you suspect investment fraud, please also report it to the Financial Conduct Authority by calling 0800 111 6768 or FCAonline.

What is Action Fraud and how do I submit my report?

Action Fraud is the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre and exists to ensure that victims of fraud have a central place to go to in order to report crime and get advice and support.
If you think you have been a victim of fraud, please report it immediately to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or Action Fraudonline(opens in a new window) where you will be provided with a police crime reference number.

How do I report lost and stolen Bank cards and cheque books?

If your Bank debit card, credit card or cheque book has been stolen please report it to us immediately.
You should also report lost and stolen items (including computers and mobile devices) to your local police station, which you can locate contact details for Policeonline(opens in a new window), and you will be provided with a police crime reference number.

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Not getting a bank feed from Yorkshire Bank - SOLVED

I set up a bank feed with Yorkshire Bank just over a week ago, but so far it doesn’t seem like anything has been fed.
There are transactions that could feed ie they happened after the feed was set up.
I thought that one transaction did feed, but now I’m thinking it was direct from Quickfile (the cost of the bank feed) rather than from the bank statement.

In the bank account on Quickfile More options doesn’t show the option to pull the feed on request - instead I have the option to activate the bank feed. Does that mean that it didn’t set up after all? And it it didn’t, will I be expected to pay the £18 again if I set it up again?


ian_roberts- I’ve seen a suggestion on another forum that it might be listed under Clydesdale rather than Yorkshire Bank - they’re two brands of the same bank and both brands share the same platform for BusinessOnline. You’ll need to search the Yodlee setup page by bank name, it won’t be listed in the initial “most popular” options.

IanBirch - Thanks Ian. That has worked. There is a Business Online link when you search for Clydesdale bank.
I appreciate the help.

ian_roberts -Glad it’s sorted. I used to be with Yorkshire Bank using BusinessOnline and I remember that it did ask for a one time code at each login - this means that the Yodlee feed can’t run automatically overnight (because it needs you to generate the code), but you can refresh it on demand if you have your token


  1. How to lead business online and succeed? This is not the easiest question for everyone. There are a lot of assumptions around the topic itself.

  2. Customers who have been invited to move to our new Business Internet Banking platform may no longer have access to BusinessOnline after 19th November.

    If you have been invited to switch, it means our new Business Internet Banking system is ready for you. Switch now by visiting our dedicated Clydesdale Bank or Yorkshire Bank web pages, or call us on 0800 028 3841 (Mon – Fri 8am-6pm) if you have any questions.

    If you are switching to Business Internet Banking and have future dated payments set up in BusinessOnline, call us and let us know and we can talk about how we can best support you.

  3. BusinessOnline
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    To access our online banking services, you'll need a Clydesdale Bank business current account.