What is Amazon Prime? What are its benefits?

Amazon has launched its Prime service in India. Do you know what Amazon Prime  is () and how you can take advantage of it? Today we will talk about the same. Everyone must have heard the name of Amazon, it is an e-commerce website from which millions of crores of people all over the world buy their needy goods.

Amazon prime
Amazon prime.
Due to the e-commerce website, shopping has become very easy now. People do not need to go outside the house to do shopping, whatever goods they want, they get it easily online through e-commerce website at the right prices. A lot of e-commerce websites are available on the internet like Flipkart.com, myntra.com, Amazon.in, snapdeal.com etc. All these work to sell products.

Amazon.com is the largest and popular online shopping site in the whole world. Amazon is an American international company and this company has started its business in India under the name of Amazon.in and since then has maintained its own niche in the online marketplace of India.

Amazon's name has been in the news in India for the last few days because amazon has launched a new feature "Amazon Prime" whose popularity has already spread in the US. But people of India do not know much about it, so today I am going to tell you about what is Amazon Prime?

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a premium service of Amazon.in, for which users first have to subscribe to Amazon Prime. After taking the subscription, you will not have to pay any shipping charge or delivery charge for whatever product you buy under amazon Prime, along with this subscription you also get many services for free.

This service is already present in the US (United States or USA) and Amazon Prime is very popular among the people there. Amazon has now launched its same service in India as well.
So if you buy most of your items from amazon, then it is a good news for you that amazon has started Amazon Prime membership for 60 days in India from free trial, whose benefits will now be able to lift it well.

Here comes the question in the minds of many people that how will we find out whether the product they have selected comes inside amazon prime or not? So the simple answer to this is that whatever products will come inside amazon prime, the logo of prime will be present in that product, so that you will easily know that you are choosing your product from inside amazon prime.

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime?

By the way, Amazon Prime has many such services that it provides to consumers. Let us know what are the benefits of using Amazon Prime.

amazon prime

1) Fast Delivery: - Customers of all 100 cities of India can get amazon products in fast free delivery within a day or two. Earlier what used to be that whenever the customer wanted fast delivery, for that the customers had to pay the product amount as well as extra charges.

But now you will subscribe to Amazon Prime and become its member, then you will not have to pay extra charges with your product and the products will also reach your pass time with free delivery.

2) Free Standard Delivery: - The other special thing of this service is that there is no minimum value to get free delivery here, like when we choose any product which is less than Rs 499, then the price for it is Rs. 40 or more than that, we have to pay extra money and if its price is more than Rs 499, then we get it in free delivery.

But if you are a member of Amazon Prime, then you will not have to pay any extra money, even if you do not ask for 10 rupees salmon. That is, you will get all your products in free delivery.

3) Prime Exclusive Deals: - The third best thing is that 30 minutes before the start of Amazon's lightning deals, Amazon Prime member already gets access from non-member. Which means that you will be able to buy any discount products by choosing 30 minutes in advance from a non-member. And you know that discount products are limited in lightning deals.

The Amazon company is offering a chance to participate in Prime's membership in India for free for 60 days. This means that by becoming a member in Prime for 60 days, you can take full advantage of its features for free.
After 60 days of free trial, if any customer wants to continue his membership in this way, then he will get Rs. You will have to pay an amount of 999 for one year. For just one year, you have to pay 999 INR, after that you can get any products from amazon for free delivery without giving extra money.

4) Amazon prime early access: - In this, all the offers or deals of amazon to Amazon Prime Users will be running, it will open before normal users can access it.
For example, if an offer for everyone else is going to start at 12 o'clock at night, for amazon prime members it must have started a few hours in advance. This gives prime users a good opportunity to choose products.

5) Prime Video: - Being a Prime Member, you get the facility of watching videos. You can watch all kinds of movies and popular TV shows in Prime Video.
You can use the service of Prime instant video in devices like Fire Tablet, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Echo, iOS device, Android smartphones and tablets, PC, Mac.
Amazon Prime Video is a very similar streaming-video components as are Serives like Netflix and Hulu. In this, you will find many categories of movies and TV shows from where you can do unlimited streaming.

6) Prime Music: - If you are a Music Lover, then you will get the option of streaming Ad-Free Music from Amazon Prime Music, while you can also download them (with some conditions). Not only this, there are also many options for languages ​​such as Bangla, Hindi, Tamil Punjabi, English etc.
Prime music is a streaming music service. If you subscribe to this service then you can listen to many things online and can also download.

7) Prime Photo: - If you want to store your photos online safely, then you can take the service of Amazon Prime Photo. In this, Cloud Storage is used to store your photos.
Users can access their photos in the web, mobile device, or a desktop application on your computer.

8) Prime Reading: - If you like to read Ebook, then Amazon provides its Prime members the facility to read Ebook. You can read books, magazines etc. from Prime Reading Catalog on your Kindle E-Reader or Kindle Reading Apps.
Another great thing is that Amzon Prime Users get 1 E-Book for free every month.

How to become a Prime member in Amazon?

To become a prime member in Amazon, first of all go to amazon.in. A link will be found from "Try Prime" under the Amazon logo. Click here, or a big banner will appear in the home page where the visitor will be asked to join, after going there you will have to login with your amazon account just after that for 60 days without paying anything prime You will become a member. After that if you want to continue this service then you can pay its subscription price.

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