What is PayPal? How to create an account in india

What is PayPal How to Create it? 

what is paypal?

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  • 1 What Is PayPal And How To Create Account In Hindi
  • 1.1 What Is PayPal And How To Create Account In Hindi
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What Is PayPal And How To Create an account in India?

After all, what is PayPal and how can we use it. Hi Friends, if you spend your time on the internet, then you must have heard about PayPal and wish to know what exactly PayPal is?
I am going to tell all of you in this post what is PayPal and how can you create your account on PayPal.

So let's know what PayPal is? And how to create an account

In this wonderful post related to PayPal, I will give you all the information about it so that you can use it correctly.
I will tell you first of all in my post that

Friends, PayPal has a trusted website that helps us send and receive money online.

That is, you can send money from anywhere in the world (where PayPal works) or you can get money from there.

If you are a blogger or provide any of your services on the Internet, you can get your payment from any country with the help of PayPal.

It is connected to your email account and whoever wants to send money to you can send money to PayPal's website with the help of your email.
PayPal also charges some service fees for this.

So you know very well what PayPal is.

How To Create PayPal Account?

If you want to create a PayPal account for sending or receiving money, then you can create a PayPal account by following the steps below.

STEP 1. First click on the PayPal website by clicking below.

STEP 2. After this, you will see the screen below, from which you have to click on Sign Up.

paypal home page

STEP 3. After clicking Sign Up, in the next screen you will be asked whether you want to create a Personal Account or a Business Account. Since you are creating a PayPal account for yourself, here, tick the individual account and click on Continue.

paypal signup

STEP 4. Next screen will look like below in which you have to write your country, email and password and after that click on Continue.

paypal signup

STEP 5. After that you have to fill the sari details about yourself in the next screen and after that tick the Terms and Conditions and click on 'Agree And Create Account'.

paypal account signup

STEP 6. After this, you will be asked to add your Debit or Credit Card in the next screen, then you fill all those things here and if you do not have any card yet, you can do it later. For this, you click on 'I'll Link My Card Later'.

what is PayPal how to create account

STEP 7. Now your account has been completely created, which you can see in the screen below.

what is paypal how to create it

Now if you want to use it to the fullest, then you must add these three things to it ~
  1. Bank Account (to get money)
  2. PAN Card (for verification)
  3. Debit Or Credit Card (for sending money)
When you add your bank account to it, you will have to verify that the process is that PayPal will send a few rupees (in very small amount) to your account. Which you will have to come back to PayPal account and verify.

In this way, friends, we told you what PayPal is and how to create an account on it.
Hope you like this great post.
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