18 most useful Google Chrome shortcuts -To work at lightning speed

Google Chrome shortcuts - To work at lightning speed

Hello my Self Saara Masroor Owner of this official blog ,Today i choose this topic becoz lots of my friend asking for google chrome shortcuts, I have given my full effort to explain all thing but if you get any error plz tell me through your comments , For this your kindness you will always respectable for me , 

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Google Chrome shortcuts

Now Google Chrome - is the most popular web browser and there is no denying it. Its open source version Chromium is also gaining much popularity now and some Linux distributions have now included it as the default web browser.

If you have installed Google Chrome on Windows or any other operating system, you can improve your browsing experience by using Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts. There is no need to move your mouse and spend time finding your way. Just master these shortcuts and you will save some your costly time, but with it you will be more productive & your working capacity will be increase dramatically.So lets do start and enjoy--

**To get the most out of  Google Chrome experience, here is a list of the most useful Chrome shortcuts that will boost your productivity while browsing the Internet & save lots of time for doing other works.

Below we are listed 18 most usefull keyboard shortcuts for fast work throughout the day.

1. Open Last Accidentally Closed Tab 

Accidentally closed a tab? Open the last closed tab

Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + T 

This shortcut is probably the one that will get the most benefit for you on this list.
With this shortcut you can reopen the last browser tab you have closed - great for those times when you accidentally close a tab.
You can do this until you first close the tab after running Chrome.
Note: This feature does not work in Incognito Mode, so take care when closing a tab in that mode.

2) Open a New Tab or Window

This is for the time when you want to start a new chapter.
To open a new window-

Shortcut: Ctrl + N

Already have too many tabs open? So now you should open the new tab in a new window. Use Ctrl + N keys to open a new browser window.

If you want to open a new tab in the same window, press -Ctrl + T

3) Faster Tab Navigation

Jump quickly to the next and previous tab-Navigate from tab to tab easily and quickly.

Shortcut: Ctrl + PgDn (to go to the next tab) or Ctrl + PgUp (to go to the previous tab)

This is very useful when you open hundreds of tabs at the same time….
If you have a habit of opening multiple tabs while browsing the Internet, it can be frustrating to use your mouse partner to click every other tab and see what is on it.
Instead, you can simply hold these keys and move to the next and previous open tab - Ctrl + PgDn or Ctrl + PgUp.

4) Jump to Specific Tab

Go to specific tab

Shortcuts: Ctrl + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9

If you're like me, open multiple tabs on your computer within a few seconds, then to jump between these open tabs, press Ctrl and the key of a number between 1 and 9. For example, the Ctrl +1 shortcut will take you to the first tab on the far left.

Similarly, Ctrl + 5 takes you to the fifth tab from the left. This way you can move around a particular tab without clicking.

5) Close the Active Tab Now

Shortcut: Ctrl + W

With Ctrl + W keys, you can close the currently visible tab. Now you don't need to move the mouse over the tab's x button at the top and look.

When you need to quickly close the tabs of Chrome that have been opened, you can click on the small X of this tab, but why do it now when you can just press Ctrl + W instead?

This Chrome shortcut immediately closes the tab that is currently open (ie what you are currently viewing on your screen).

And remember, if you accidentally close a tab, you can always press Ctrl + Shift + T to bring it back.

6) Close the Entire Browser Window

Close the entire browser window immediately -

Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + W

Has this ever happened to you when you need to close the entire browser window immediately? So just press Ctrl + Shift + W at such a time and the browser window will disappear as if it never existed.

7) Minimize the Active Window

Minimize the active window

Shortcut: Ctrl + M

If for some reason, you are someone who opens multiple windows instead of tabs, then you can quickly shorten open windows by pressing Ctrl + M.

This is useful if you have stacks of browser windows on top of another.

8) Quick Incognito Mode

If you want privacy, then go to incognito mode -

Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + N

For private browsing

Want to check online flight or hotel prices? Going to incognito mode may help. Open an incognito window in Chrome with Ctrl + Shift + N.

9) Open Your Downloads Page

Go to your download page-

Shortcut: Ctrl + J

Do you want to see which files you downloaded using Chrome?

This shortcut exposes your download window and lets you access files downloaded through a browser instead of using File Explorer on Windows.

10) Open Bookmarks Manager Now

Open the bookmark manager immediately

Shortcut: Ctrl + B

Use this shortcut to open the bookmark manager on Chrome, which will allow you to open and delete individual bookmarks, create bookmark folders, and move bookmarks to different folders.

This shortcut is especially useful for you if you keep hundreds of bookmarks for work, school or normal life.

11) Bookmark the Current Website

Bookmark current website-

Shortcut: Ctrl + D

Have you found anything interesting on the Internet? Save it in your bookmark by pressing Ctrl + D.

12) Move Your Cursor to the Address Bar

Move your cursor to the address bar -

Shortcut: Ctrl + L

To visit another web site, you need to type that address in the address bar of the browser and to do this you have to move your cursor to the address bar.

No! Now do this keyboard shortcut instead of mous. Just press Ctrl + L and your cursor will immediately appear in the address bar!

13) Clear Browsing Data

Clear browsing data -

Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Delete

One way to use Incognito Mode, as mentioned earlier, is that you can't bring back tabs that were accidentally closed because Chrome doesn't store your browsing history.

If you are concerned about privacy when using a machine in a shared computer or Internet cafe, you can use this shortcut to bring up the page of Clear Browsing Data, where you can then manually clear your data. can do.

14) Hard Refresh Your Chrome Tab

To do a hard refresh when your Chrome tab hangs or freezes -

Shortcut: Ctrl + R

15) Open a Link in New Tab

In search of faster browsing - if you want to open a link in a new tab -

Shortcut: Ctrl + click link

Similarly, to open in a new window: Shift + click.

16) Want to Close Tab Quickly

When you want to quickly close a tab: fast forward -

Shortcut: Ctrl + W

To close the tab immediately.

17) Super Speedily Print, Save or Send Your Page

Print, save or send your page - at super speed

Ctrl + P - To print.

Ctrl + S - To save.

Ctrl + Shift + I - to send via email

18) Move Page to Top or Bottom

Want to go to the top or bottom of the page-

Ctrl + End - to move to the bottom of a page

Ctrl + Home– to come to the top of a page.