Copy Draft Emails in Gmail accounts.

How to Copy Draft Emails in Gmail Account .

Suppose you have composed a email inside in a draft in Gmail and would like to send the same  mail message to multiple people separately. The subject, the email body, the attachments are common and the only thing that differs between each message is the recipient’s email address.

Maybe you are sending your résumé to multiple companies. How can you do this without having to copy-paste the subject and body of the draft message multiple times?

Copy Draft Emails in Gmail accounts.

The Gmail clone tool works on both desktop and mobile so you can copy Gmail draft messages on a mobile phone as well.
The web app is written in Google Scripts and uses the Gmail API to create drafts copies. The app only requires Gmail access to copy your drafts and does not share, store or upload your data anywhere.
Email Studio is free for basic usage. Free users can copy a maximum of 3 email drafts at a time while premium users can duplicate up to 10 Gmail drafts in a single batch. No branding is included in premium version.
[*] If you have trouble authorizing the app, please ensure that you are not logged into multiple Google accounts. You can try try Email Studio in Chrome’s incognito mode or use this link to sign-out of your Gmail accounts.
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