5 Innovations That Are Making Our Homes Smarter And Safer

5 Innovations That Are Making Our Homes Smarter And Safer:-

After cars and phones, homes are the next big frontier for technological innovation. For years, high-tech homes were seen only in cartoons and movies (remember The Jetsons, or the Stark Mansion from Iron Man?). But as time rolled on, innovations such as flat-screen televisions and voice-controlled assistants have gone from fantasy to reality. And experts say that the fun's only just beginning. Researchers are moving steadily closer to perfecting innovations that could transform our lives even further—from toilets that can diagnose medical problems, to beds that adjust themselves to maximise sleep quality, and robot housekeepers who can dust and clean faster than any human ever could.

Much of this high-tech wizardry is still in the pipeline, but expected to hit the market soon. However, there are five amazing innovations that are already transforming our homes. Check out this video to find out what they are:

As you can see, smart technology is increasingly getting embedded in every aspect of the modern home, from windows to paint, appliances and more. Yet another reason to hang out at home more often!